Setup my online business

You have always wanted to set up your own business but thought it too difficult and daunting?

You have the energy and a great idea but don’t have the funds?

e-shopper provides a step by step approach by giving you a FREE webshop and the tools to make your business a success

Empower Yourself!

How do I get started in Business?

Follow your dream

You have a great idea and are prepared to work 24/7 to realise your dream

Get assistance

e-shopper gives you a free webshop, online presence and tools to sell online

Sign up

Just sign up with Mobipaid as a sole trader or business to get your own merchant account to start taking online payments today

How do I get online and start selling?

At e-shopper we are giving you a FREE webshop with integrated online payments & delivery and a FREE forever listing at online marketplace, e-shopper

With your webshop you can:

Sell through social media

Post products/services and sell directly from your Facebook or Instagram account

Integrate with your website

Integrate to your existing website for a slicker checkout experience

Share your shop

Send your Webshop link by WhatsApp, SMS or email to existing and prospective customers

International sales

Transact on international marketplaces like Amazon and eBay

How do I take payments online?

Touch free

No card terminal is required, and no app to download before making payments

Mobipaid Scanner

You can scan receipts for goods/services already paid for. This helps your customers to avoid queueing and allows them buy something online and collect it offline.

Virtual Terminals

Take payments from your customers who are not present

FREE dashboard

Use it to view payments, get payment confirmations, refund your customers, send reminders, add tipping capabilities & much more


Payments over the phone. Mobipaid is fully PCI Level 1 compliant

Online Auctions & Mobipaid wallet

Run your auctions through e-shopper. Store cards in the Mobipaid Wallet for faster checkouts online or in person.

The importance of increasing your selling channels

Besides having your own Webshop, you get a free forever listing on which means you can access a much larger customer base, increase brand-awareness and it will be easier for customers to find you. Using a combination of the e-shopper marketplace and your own direct marketing approach makes the most sense. From your own Webshop, you can cater to repeat customers and offer lower prices and greater discounts

What is the best way to ship items?

Selling your products is only one step of the process. You now need to make sure that they reach your customers quickly and safely, and that this doesn’t add too much to your running costs.

You can either add shipping costs or build them in, though these fees are generally expected as add-ons these days. A good marketing tactic is to have a price threshold for free delivery, so that customers who spend over a certain amount save on postage and packing. You can get plenty of extra sales this way.

How can I promote my site?

A well-planned digital marketing strategy helps your business stay competitive. It means your webshop, social media channels, email communications and any other online activities are all optimised towards your business goals.

Your digital strategy will include key elements such as:

Webshop design

Social media


apps & email marketing

Online advertising

Content marketing

Contact us for assistance in setting up your webshop and/or running your digital marketing campaign